Cross Stitch Bookmark


A handmade veg-tan leather bookmark with hand cross stitched cream edge and metal detailing fob.
The perfect present to you or any bookworm in your life! This beautifully detailed bookmark is handcrafted from veg-tanned basane lamb with a unique cross stitched edging to make it stand out from the crowd. The longer you use the bookmark the more the product will wear naturally, showcasing the story of your adventures through written word. As the item is 11cm in length this is ideal for any size book and with the unique stitching, even stands out in large a4 sized books.

As with all of our products, each bookmark is individual and handmade. Therefore the look overall look of the bookmark will vary and each one is likely to have its own unique markings on the leather as it is an entirely natural product and natural tanning. During the manufacturing process I asses the hides to avoid natural large defects to avoid using material which is not durable.

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