Our full size wallet, handcrafted from veg-tanned basane lamb leather. With two card slots each holding up to two cards, with room for more inside the cash divider this is an extremely versatile wallet catered for the people who need a little more space than our card holder can offer. As the wallet (just like all of our products) is produced from veg-tanned leather, the more the wallet is used, the more it will show its natural beauty and take on new colours and textures. The wallets are initially made to be smaller than expected, as the leather will naturally stretch as it is used, often becoming darker in areas touch more frequently.
As with all of our products, each wallet is individual and handmade. Therefore the look overall look of the bookmark will vary with each product having its own unique markings on the leather as it is an entirely natural product and natural tanning. During the manufacturing process I asses the hides to avoid natural large defects.

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